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Founder David J. Hart, is a graduate of California State University at Northridge and Southwestern University, School of Law, (June 1975). While still in law school, he had the honor of participating as an intern with the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office. After graduating law school he was hired as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, California. His first position with the DA as an attorney was as the junior member of the team prosecuting Patricia Hearst for Symbionese Liberation Army crimes in Los Angeles County. Mr. Hart’s experience while with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office included development of training materials to be used in training new attorneys to try cases, assignment as the trial attorney for the Valencia Branch Office, a supervising attorney at the Central Juvenile Office, supervising between ten to twenty attorneys prosecuting juvenile matters, and as a lead trial attorney in Central Trials. During the time at Central Trials Mr. Hart spent a year as the lead prosecuting attorney in the courtroom presided over by now California Supreme Court Chief Justice, Ronald George, when he was a Superior Court Judge.

In 1980, he went into private practice as a founding partner in a law firm which focused on civil litigation. Mr. Hart, in addition to trying over one hundred jury trials to verdict, is qualified as a court-appointed arbitrator for both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. He has also completed a graduate course at Pepperdine University in Mediation, and is qualified as a court-appointed mediator for Los Angeles County.

During the last 31 years Mr. Hart has prosecuted and litigated over 100 jury trials to verdict, and many more cases at arbitration or mediation. The great majority of these cases has involved litigation for accidents that have resulted in personal injury or death.

In 2003, Mr. Hart began to limit his litigation practice to very serious cases, and to restrict the number of new serious injury or wrongful death cases to only three or less per year. At the same time Mr. Hart increased the number of Probate and Estate Planning matters he would handle. Limiting his practice of law only to these areas allows Mr. Hart to have the time to investigate, research, and prepare the serious litigation matters to their fullest, thereby increasing the probability of a good result. It also gives Mr. Hart a great deal of more control over how he spends his time in his practice, as Probate and Estate Planning are much more flexible, the number of Court hearings and proceedings that must be attended are fewer, and normally less time specific or demanding. (Translation: Mr. Hart does not have to deal with the Courts and Judges on every case, nor do the Courts and Judges decide when Mr. Hart is required to be available for court in all his matters, only the serious litigation cases.)

Mr. Hart has practiced in the area of Probate and Estate Planning since 1982, and is licensed to practice before all courts in the State of California. Mr. Hart is an Active member of the State Bar of California, and is also a member of the State Bar of California practice section of Trusts and Estates.

Mr. Hart has been a resident of Simi Valley since 1976. In 1994, after the Northridge earthquake, Mr. Hart moved his practice to Ventura County. Mr. Hart is an active member of the Rotary Club of Simi Sunrise in Simi Valley, California.

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